Toddler Chef Stool (White MDF)

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100% Australian Made

This product is proudly designed & made in Melbourne.

The White MDF Toddler Chef Stool® is a safe way for your little ones to help, interact, and participate in the kitchen. By raising them up to your kitchen Benchtop height they can easily and safely join in and with 4 height adjustments, this stool will be used for many years to come.

The MDF White is a pre-finished material that is ready to use once assembled.

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100% Australian Made

Cooking is more fun when everyone can safely reach.

Our Toddler Chef Stool® is our custom Learning Tower and is made using White Melamine MDF. It provides a safe way for your little ones to help, interact, and participate in the kitchen. By raising them up to your kitchen Benchtop height they can easily and safely join in and with 4 height adjustments this stool, unlike other fixed height stools will be used for many years to come. No tools are needed to adjust our stools and the height adjustment is done in a matter of seconds.

There are 4 easily and quickly adjusted Standing heights. These heights are measured from floor to underfoot.  Lowest – 310 mm, 415 mm, 465 mm, and 515mm.

The White MDF pre-finished material how ever the edges are left raw and can sealed by you using a Timber oil or wax if preferred. This stool is ready to use once assembled.

Toddler Chef Stool, our custom Learning Tower:

Learning towers are inspired by Montessori learning and give little ones a safe way to get involved in tasks with family & friends. They are generally adjustable to kitchen bench height so toddlers and little kids can watch dinner being prepared, whilst being safely out of harm’s way.

Features of our Toddler Chef Stool:

Height adjustable with 4 heights recommended for 12 children months to 6 years old depending on individual height. Holds up to 80kg, made from 12mm White MDF with a smooth melamine film on both sides, and is lightweight and easy to move around.

Alternative names for Learning Towers:

Whilst we call ours the Toddler Chef Stool, Learning Towers are sometimes known by other names, including kitchen helpers, little chef stools, toddler step stools, kids kitchen stools, kids standing tower, Montessori learning tower, and many more.


  • Height: 915mm
  • Width: 370mm
  • Depth: 300mm top & 470mm bottom
  • Weight: 10 kilograms

Assembly Instructions:

Download our easy to follow ​Assembly Instructions

Safety Messages:

* Adult supervision is required at all times, never leave children unattended in the Toddler Chef Stool®.

There is no mandatory safety test or standard for Learning Towers.  After careful consultation with Independent Testing Institutes and Organisations, ours have been safety tested to sections of Australian Standards AS/NZS 4220:2010 and AS 4684:2009 for load limit and stability. We were advised that these test methods were much more applicable in determining the safety of the toddler tower for its intended use than other standards such as the AU/NZ 8124 Safety of Toys, as a Learning Tower is not a toy.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 920 × 460 × 70 mm

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